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evolution - The Greatest Deception in Modern History


"Take the Red Pill, Neo: Read This Book!  ....a must read for anyone serious about the [lack of] scientific evidence regarding evolution. it and read it.  Evolution: 'It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.'  Take the red pill, read this book, and discover the real world."   

This site was completed after having grown weary of false evolutionary doctrine promoted by public television, national networks and other media, and taught in our public schools. Although "evolutionary theory" does not meet the universally accepted definition of 'theory' or 'hypothesis' or, for that matter, the universally accepted defintion of 'science' (see section, Creation versus Evolution, for definitions), students continue to be taught evolution as “proven fact”—and later in life, they perpetuate this doctrine as teachers, journalists, and parents without question.

What many people today never hear and realize is the fact that so-called evolutionary theory is not based on known scientific laws or the preponderance of scientific evidence. Rather, scientific creation, as described in the Book of Genesis, is perfectly consistent with all known laws and evidence—and such evidence is overwhelming. The reality is, evolutionary doctrine is built on false assumptions and poor science. It is the greatest deception in modern history.

Why do secular scientists continue to adhere to a false evolutionary doctrine? This site provides the reasons, and summarizes much of the evidence for scientific creation. I ask any skeptical person to give this site an impartial reading before dismissing the scientific creationist viewpoint.

Consider the following evidence for Creation.

  • Evolution is contrary to natural laws (without exception) whereas creation is consistent with natural laws—for example, creation is consistent with the laws of thermodynamics and law of biogenesis.
  • There are no known biological processes for evolution to higher levels of organization and complexity—mutations are overwhelmingly degenerative and none are “uphill” (that is, unequivocally beneficial) in the sense of adding new genetic information to the gene pool.
  • The probability of getting an average-size protein of left-handed amino acids (found only in living cells) by random, natural processes is zero. And the probability of getting a living cell, synonymous to the most sophisticated supercomputer yet microscropic in size is also zero, and only consciousness (awareness, perception) would be expected from a Divine creator.
  • Geologic landforms and sedimentary features are completely consistent with a worldwide flood as desfcribed in the Book of Genesis. For many esteemed geologists who have researched geologic landforms and catastrophic processes, evidence of a global flood and a young earth is indisputable.
  • Enormous limestone formations, huge coal and oil formations, and immense underground salt layers are indicative of a worldwide flood—not slow and gradual processes over billions of years. Such features are satisfactorily explained by a worldwide flood and known geophysical and geochemical processes.
  • A worldwide flood as described in Genesis 6–8 is within the boundaries of known geophysics—see phase diagram in chapter 4 and Pangaea Flood Video at
  • There is no credible technique for establishing the age of sedimentary rock—fossil dating used to establish the age of sedimentary rock suffers from circular reasoning and guesswork, all based on the assumption of evolution.
  • The standard geologic column with transitional creatures evolving toward more complex forms, as depicted in most science textbooks, is utterly fictitious and misleading, and does not represent the real world. In reality, it perfectly represents the aftermath of a worldwide flood.
  • There are no transitional fossils or living forms—there is not one single example of evolution! Evolutionists look for “the” missing link—ironically, they are in desperate search for just one! But there should be billions of examples of transitional forms with transitional structures if evolution were true, but there are none. The bottom line, evolution has never been observed within fossils or living populations.
  • Irreducible complexity is another reason why evolution is impossible. A practical household analogy is the common mousetrap - its  individual parts have no value or function yet the trap could not function if any of the parts were missing. A biological example is the human eye comprising the iris, pupil, cornea, sclera, lens, macula, retina, optic disk, and optic nerve. The individual parts have no value yet the eye could not function if any of the parts were missing. Amniotic eggs and the flagellum of bacteria are other examples of irreducible complexity. These and other biologic systems of the body could not have evolved piece by piece (according to Darwinian gradualism) because the entire system must be present at the start for the system to work. (Ref: Sarfati, J. (2011). Refuting Evolution 2. 167-179; Sarfati, J. (2007). Refuting Evolution. 122; and Bergman, J. (2019). The egg - irreducible complexity of creation's perfect package, Journal of Creation, 33(1), 119).
  • Contrary to popular belief, evidence indicates that early man was intelligent and highly skilled with an advanced social structure. There is also evidence suggesting their belief in the existence of an afterlife.
  • Soft tissues and traces of blood cells have been found in dinosaur fossils supposedly 70 to 250 million years old. (Soft tissues and red blood cells have relatively short life spans.)
  • Carbon-14 has been found in coal and diamonds supposedly hundreds of millions of years old. (C-14 has a relatively short life-span.)
  • Radioisotope dating suffers from multiple unprovable assumptions—the technique is “fatally flawed”—yet scientists contend as fact what they cannot prove.
  • Abundant daughter isotopes are indicative of accelerated nuclear decay associated with creation (expansion, stretching out, or acceleration of the universe from an extremely hot, dense phase when matter and energy were concentrated) and a worldwide flood with massive restructuring of the earth’s lithosphere, not slow and gradual processes over billions of years.
  • Evidences of accelerated nuclear decay in igneous rocks found worldwide are helium in zircon crystals, radiohalos and fission tracks, and rapid magnetic field reversals and decay.
  • Over a hundred geochronometers indicate a young earth and universe.

Each of these evidences, examined individually, is enough to convince most rational people that evolution is a false doctrine and the earth is, in fact, young!

Do you want to know more? Read this website and the book, evolution – The Greatest Deception in Modern History, and be sure to visit Creation Ministries International (CMI) at CMI sells this book and many others including their acclaimed Creation magazine and Journal of Creation.